Strength and Energy for Every Day

Today is the day you give up who you were and decide who you want to become.

Today we live in a fast-moving and turbulent time, values are changing - not always for the better - and a lot is demanded of us, everyday life has us fully in its grip.

Our daily challenges

Regardless of the situation, whether at work, home, sports, family, or with health challenges, everyone needs strength and energy to master their life.
Everyone knows the feeling of being completely powerless and exhausted.
We all long for a source of strength that we can use especially when we are highly challenged and the world threatens to collapse on us.

What if such a source of power were available to you? 

Would you use it?

In the following short video I show you how I came to affirmations and how it changed my life.

My impressive experience with affirmations

The 6D-affirmation program MY DAILY SOURCE OF STRENGTH is exactly the ideal tool to give you the strength you need daily.
The purpose of this affirmation is to quickly put you in a positive and powerful state of mind. Start your day with it and feel the joy of life, confidence and enthusiasm that you will radiate.

Good morning future!
Daily more strength, energy, zest for life, confidence and enthusiasm!

Get your personal Affirmation-Package 

Remember, your body can accomplish almost anything.
You only have to convince your mind.

Integrated brain stimulation
With the help of certain techniques it is possible to stimulate the brain and reach a desired state of consciousness, e.g. from strong arousal (stress, anxiety) to the state of deep relaxation; the gateway to the subconscious.

The professional program includes four different brainwave stimulations. Depending on your needs, you can use them to enter different states of consciousness with their help.

The professional program package contains 32 audio files with numerous options for use. So, you can adapt it exactly to your daily needs.
You have the choice to use the affirmations spoken by a nice female or male voice and choose between river sound, sea waves with healing frequency or Silent-Subliminals (absolute silence).
In the morning,  you may need an extra dose of power, so use one of the power files (beta stimulation) that will get you going quickly.

Or simply use the standard application "FeelGood" with the Schumann frequency. As a result, many people react with increased well-being.

If you need to concentrate intensively on a subject, use one of the concentration files (Alpha Stimulation).
Later, you may want to relax completely. Then use one of the brainwave stimulation "Deep Relaxation" (Theta Stimulation).

This also causes the affirmations to reach the subconscious mind quickly and directly, which is important for lasting positive change.
Use the Deep Relaxation program as often as possible. It is the direct access to the subconscious mind!

Or use "Sleep Frequency" for a perfect sleep.

This program package is your personal daily source of strength.
Use it regularly and you will never want to miss it.
This program activates and strengthens the following areas:

- Physical and mental health

- Motivation and enthusiasm

- Energy and goal achievement

- Discipline

- Focus and concentration

- Overcoming challenges

- Self-confidence

- Serenity and sovereignty

- Safety and security

- Stability

- Love and harmony

- Letting go and forgiving

- Serenity

- Joy of life

- Positive thinking, feeling and acting

- Positive charisma

- Fulfilled life

- Financial freedom

You are your own limit. 
Rise above it !

The quality of your thoughts and feelings determines your life !

Ask yourself:
Am I responsibly taking care of my mind and body? Am I vital, fit and happy?
Are my immune system and self-healing powers working well?
What about my spiritual and mental qualities? Do I have joy in life, enthusiasm for the new day, and do I live in harmony with my environment?

Remember, it is the mind that builds success.

This is where the comprehensive and powerful affirmation packages comes in. It gives the user a strong positive attitude and belief in himself and his success.

The story of the refrigerated truck
The following true incident shows how strongly the inner attitude works, both positively and unfortunately, negatively:
A railroad worker was inspecting some railcars on a Friday afternoon. One of them was a refrigerated truck. When he checked it from the inside, the door slammed and he could not open it from the inside.
After the weekend, he was found dead, frozen to death.
However, the refrigeration units had not been turned on at all.
Just the idea that he would freeze to death triggered frostbite symptoms that led to his death.

That's how powerful the imagination is!

With the powerful affirmation "My Daily Source Of Strength" you turn the tables and program yourself for the necessary daily strength.

Get instant access to your Daily Source of Strength

With this comprehensive affirmation program, negative unconscious and limiting programs are effectively eliminated or changed for better.

From now on, your subconscious mind is no longer working against you, but for you!

What is included in the comprehensive affirmation package?

Unlike standard commercial affirmations, which usually contain only one audio file, the affirmation package "My Daily Source of Strength" includes 32 audio files for different applications and an extensive description.

Integrated is:
- Text,
spoken by a male and female voice. This serves the important affirmation initiation.

- Subliminal masking
with river sounds, sea waves and healing frequencies (selectable).

Silent-Subliminal, i.e., the affirmation information is lifted into an inaudible frequency range, whereby one cannot hear the affirmations, but they are nevertheless received by the subconscious. Female or male voice (selectable).

- Combination of Subliminal and Silent-Subliminal (Profi-Version only)

- Brain stimulation
by means of:

  - Feel-good frequency (Schumann frequency).

  - Relaxed concentration (Alpha)

  - Power frequency (Delta)

  - Deep relaxation (Theta)

  - Deep Sleep

Your subconscious mind is programmable.
If you don't program it yourself, someone else will do it for you!

Here you get a small acoustic impression of the audio files:

1. Text is spoken by a man with female confirmation

2. Text is spoken by a woman with male confirmation.

3. Masking with river sound, feel-good frequency and integrated Silent-Subliminal.

4. masking with sea wave sound, feel-good frequency, integrated Silent-Subliminal and Healing Frequency.

There are two versions of this comprehensive affirmation package available.
The light and professional version.

Bargain price:
On average, a single audio-affirmation (1 audio-file) costs about USD 25 on the Internet.

Light version:
16 audio-affirmations (16 audio-files) with special frequencies worth USD 400 for the special price of USD 

Professional version:
Here you get all 32 audio-affirmations (32 audio-files) with special frequenciesworth USD 998 now for only USD 167

In the table you can compare the contents of the professional and light versions.

Attention! Introductory price for a limited time only!
Light Version: USD 47.00
Profi Version: USD 97.00

The light version is a starter action, with which you can get to know the affirmation program and gain first experiences. With the help of the feel-good frequency included in it, you will get into a good feeling state and the power frequency will help you live the day with energy.

The professional version contains all the files of the light version but with much more extensive affirmation sentences and the important stimulation frequencies relaxed concentration (alpha) and deep relaxation (theta).

This makes the professional version perfect for quickly changing your subliminal beliefs for the better.
Especially important is the deep relaxation included in it, the direct access to the subconscious and cause lasting positive changes there.

Be honest, you're tired of constantly fighting the subconscious programs that cost you so much energy and keep you from feeling good and realizing your full potential.

You can achieve almost anything. It is your subconscious mind that you are going to change with these 6D-Affirmations so that your life will change positively in every way!

Start NOW to outsmart programs that hinder you and be a winner. Set out for a happier, more inspiring and more successful life.

In the table above, you see the comparison of the contents of the light version and the professional version. Which one do you choose?
Over 86% of buyers opt for the professional version because it is clear that it has a much higher value.

  • With the professional version, you get six times more affirmation sentences!
  • Audio files with the relaxed-concentration brainwave stimulation (Alpha). With this application you are relaxed and at the same time fully concentrated, ideal for effective and creative work (study, learning, etc.)
  • The audio files with the Relax-Frequency (Theta) pave the way to the subconscious mind. This produces very good results quickly. The affirmations reach the subconscious directly without bypasses and delays and immediately begin their positive work.
  • The files with the Sleep-Frequency are for a healthy deep sleep. With them you can relax optimally and glide into the deep sleep and take up the affirmations parallel.
  • And additionally, the files with simultaneous use of Subliminals and Silent Subliminals. These are real boosters, whereby the affirmations are extremely intensified.

This is a powerful package with all the features you could want, which is being offered for the first time worldwide. There are no comparable alternatives.
Making a decision can be hard, but in this case it should be easy for you. If you want the very best results, then you should go with the power version. With this version, you'll be able to do everything right.

The actual value of the professional version is USD 998, but today you can get it for the special price of only USD 167 97

If you now click the button "PROFESSIONAL" below, you will automatically be taken to the ordering process for the Profi-Version, wich is the best version you can get.

If you still decide to buy the light version, click on the "Light Version" button below. You will be automatically redirected to the ordering process for the light version.

Medical Disclaimer:
Affirmations does not imply medical treatment, and is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.
It is to be understood as health and life advice and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
In case of health problems or illnesses, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, i.e. the help of a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your confidence should be sought.
While positive and faith-based affirmations can, according to the opinion of a large number of scientists, holistically oriented doctors, alternative practitioners, and psychotherapists, contribute to the alleviation of health complaints or diseases as a supplement or support of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, it is not proven in its therapeutic effectiveness by proven scientific findings and is unsuitable in the sense of conventional medicine for diagnostic purposes.

60-Day Guarantee

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If, for any reason, you don't like this product, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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