My Daily Source Of Strength

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This special program will help you change the following 8 important areas of your life for the better:

- Energy

- Harmony

- Inner Peace

- Discipline

- Goal Setting

- Relaxation 

- Love

- Motivation 


Rolf Finke CEO, Online Marketing Manager

This program helped me improve my performance in 8 areas of my life by 60 percent in just 25 days. 
My life has been much calmer and more pleasant since then.
I can really recommend it to everyone.

The black arrows in the following graphs show the baseline scores of 8 life areas. The red arrows show the results after only 25 days of application. Before the application, he had 41 points, and after he reached 66 points, an increase of more than 60 percent.

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Do you ever feel like you don't have enough strength or energy?
How do you feel than?
You might lack motivation, and find that life doesn't bring joy anymore.
You just drag yourself through each day and feel constantly tired.
It's really not a good state to be in, but unfortunately, it's all too common for most people.
Would you also like to have access to the source that gives you the power you need every day to live your life the way you want and dream it? That's a pretty dumb question, isn't it?
Of course everyone would be happy to have the strength to live their life to the fullest.

Hi, I'm Michael Bellersen, and I know the daily challenges very well. We live in difficult times where everyone needs new energy, strength, and motivation.
That's why I created this special affirmation edition, "My Daily Source of Strength."
If you're interested, you can immediately start using this Special Edition almost for free.
In addition, I would like to give you the opportunity to experience for yourself the effectiveness of the new 6-Dimensional Affirmation Technique with which this special edition was produced.
You can achieve in a very short time what others try to reach for years using other methods.
The 6-Dimensional Affirmations are a further development of the so-called standard affirmations that you can find anywhere on the internet.
This new technique is much, much more effective, as you will see for yourself.
I would like to briefly tell you how I came across this topic as an engineer for applied physics, why it excited me so much, and how it completely changed the direction of my life.

My wife and I attended a weekend seminar entitled "Wish Fulfillment" given by a very well-known speaker in Germany.
During the seminar, I came across an Affirmation program titled "More Enthusiasm and Energy at Work".
That somehow fascinated me and captured my attention.
Months later, I found myself in a difficult professional situation that affected my motivation and performance.
Fortunately, I remembered this program and used it for a few days in the morning and evening.
And after only four days, I was really transformed. I had endless strength, motivation and energy, and work began to bring joy again.

Probably you can imagine how excited I was.
I could hardly believe that such a positive change could be achieved within a few days.
This was when I started to work intensively with affirmations and develop them myself.
After publishing my first book on affirmations, I was inspired to develop the new technique of 6-Dimensional-Affirmations, which, when used correctly, can bring about positive changes in your life very, very quickly.
I created this special edition for you, so that you can also feel and experience the power of the 6-dimensional affirmations, and quickly get more energy and strength.
I'm pretty sure, that you will really love it.
This program will change your life for the better in these 8 areas:

- Motivation
- Discipline
- Energy
- Determination (Goal Setting)
- Harmony
- Love
- Inner Peace
- Relaxation

For only 7 Dollars, you can get this special program that includes 10 audio files and a detailed 24-page description to help you get your daily source of strength.
In addition, you get a tool to measure exactly how these eight areas of your life are improving. You really will be surprised.

So, start TODAY with more motivation, discipline, energy, harmony, love, inner peace and relaxation.
Start NOW and be stronger and more powerful every day as you work towards your better, more fulfilled life
Just click on the button below and you will be on your way to more energy and motivation in your life.

Medical Disclaimer:
Affirmations does not imply medical treatment, and is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.
It is to be understood as health and life advice and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
In case of health problems or illnesses, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, i.e. the help of a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your confidence should be sought.
While positive and faith-based affirmations can, according to the opinion of a large number of scientists, holistically oriented doctors, alternative practitioners, and psychotherapists, contribute to the alleviation of health complaints or diseases as a supplement or support of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, it is not proven in its therapeutic effectiveness by proven scientific findings and is unsuitable in the sense of conventional medicine for diagnostic purposes.

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